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"These dips are awesome!"
- MClark245

"A must for tailgate parties!"
- Ruth Prewitt

"Finally, someone got it right."
- MaryB12

"Great ingredients...amazing flavors!"
- Blake K.

Good Times. Great Dips.

So Many

More moves than Thriller

With 6 dip mix flavors to choose from, you will have more flavor options than you have dance moves.

It is so

Easier to mix than a mixtape

Rip off the top of the package, mix it up, and shazam! You're gonna be more popular than Michael J. Fox.

The Best

Because we don't live in the 80's.

Gluten Free - All-Natural Flavors - No MSG - Zero Trans Fats - Low Calories - No Cholesterol

Just Keeping It Awesome!

Made with in Tulsa, OK