A  Message  From  Our  Founder

I grew up at a time when Saturday mornings consisted of waking up early, firing up the Nintendo, and gaming away. By mid-morning it was time for a snack, and reaching into the cupboard would inevitably lead to finding a dip mix packet...

Those were good times, but those weren't always great dips.  I decided you deserved something better:  I wanted to develop new dip recipes that have bold flavors and are healthier than mainstream dip mixes... but are still comparable in price.

Awesome Dips deliver: with a 100% Natural, No MSG, Gluten Free gourmet eating experience that will light up your taste buds, while being fair to your wallet. Each dip mix pouch is hand filled and weighed one bag at a time...Then sealed all by hand. Right here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I hope you will enjoy the Awesome Dips experience as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

Stay Awesome,

Tulsa, Ok


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